Bespoke Music

Writing and producing bespoke music for your brand’s content, whether it be advertising, tv or film, is critical when aiming to convey the most meaningful and authentic message possible. We’ll collaborate together to create the right piece of music, within any genre, for your content. This includes writing for live orchestras, jazz ensembles, solo instrumentalists, electronic production, hip-hop production etc. Latest bespoke music projects include:

– J&B Expres&monos – online advertising
– IKEA ‘Medidative Moments’ – online advertising
– T Mobile – ‘T Mobile Netherlands’ – tv advertising


Production starts from the ground up and is an all encompassing service for your music, whether it be instrumental or vocal. We’ll work on the songwriting and the structure as well as the sound-world and the instrumentation, using the vast number of sample libraries, hardware analogue synths and analogue outboard gear as well as the high end recording equipment in the studio to capture and create the final music production. Latest music production projects include:

Bianca Chami – Melhor Que Voce – Warner Music Brazil (additional production, mixing)
Adannay – Her Favourite Song – Independent (production, mixing, mastering)
Arcaves – Don’t You Love the Rain – Independent (production, mixing)
Arcaves – Familiar Stranger – Independent (production, mixing)


Each project requiring a high end mastering service goes through a detailed and individual listen before the mastering process begins, this ensures the delivery of industry standard sound quality, using high end analogue mastering equipment as well as precision digital tools. Equipment being used:

Lynx Hilo Converters
Buzz Audio REQ2.2ME Mastering Equalizer
Crane Song STC-8 Mastering Compressor

behind the scenes: